Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspired by EARTH SONG

She was just a child; young, innocent and pure the day she brought the flower to the man with the gun...
War had been her life, from the time of her birth her village had been occupied by foreign soldiers. They said they had come to help her village, to fight for freedom but she even in her short life had seen too much death to believe this to be true. Her heart told her that freedom was hers by right, hers by birth, hers to have and to hold through the simple act of living and loving the life she lived; she did not understand who it was she should be fighting against.
They came with their guns, their tanks, their military way of thinking; destroy or be destroyed – kill or be killed but it hurt her to bear witness to their pain. She could see it there, in their eyes, even as they strolled through the streets acting tough and brave she could see the sorrow. She could feel the anguish and she understood in her innocence that the anger came from their need to be there. They knew they should not, they knew to kill was not right and that to take any life was a crime against nature but she also knew that they were here because they believed they had to be here to protect the innocent, to protect children like her.
None of it made sense but it was the way it was and what power did a small child have to change the ways of the world...
She remembered the day, a day like all the others and looking back she wondered even now if that day had been destined to be different. A man had come into the village, an enemy soldier, wounded and bleeding... He had fallen to the ground, crying out for help. It was in the nature of her people to help any and all who came to them for aide so the locals had approached the man, unafraid of his weapons, believing themselves safe from harm, protected by their good intent. One of the young men on ‘her’ side, a young man in army clothes had tried to stop them, tried to hold them back but they came forward ignoring his shouts of protest. His eyes fired, hot flames of rage at the disobedience of those he had sworn to protect and it took only moments before the man who had always been their friend had now turned the gun on them. Yet she saw and understood, from somewhere deep inside she heard the truth of his anger; it was so very clear there written on his face...
His people had come from so very far away, to protect them, they had died for them, to defend them and in this moment here he stood wondering if all had been wasted... She could see the conflict within, see his turmoil and at a loss for what to do she stood rooted to the spot waiting for the first shot to be fired wondering who among her village would be the first to fall. Out of the crowd limped an elder, a wise man of her people and with slow deliberate steps he approached the soldier and placed his hand on the barrel of the gun. He cooked his head slightly to the side expectantly, calmly he motioned for others to take the wounded man inside the nearby hut. The soldier lurched, for only a moment in the direction of the hut and then seemingly having the last will to fight drained completely out of him he too crumbled to the ground at the feet of the old man with gentle eyes.
Silence reigned, not a word was spoken as the soldier lay weeping at them mans feet lost in in despair for all that he had seen and done; despair for the life that he had lived...
She had looked down then at her feet, not wishing to see his pain and there in the sand stood a lonely flower, white and fragile... and she knew now what she had to do...
Offering it her thanks for the life of it that she was taking she plucked it from the ground and carried it to the soldier, tenderly she placed her hand on his chin and lifted it so that she may see his eyes... She offered up the flower placing it in his trembling palm. She reached out her hand to him and as he placed his in hers she felt the warmth of his love for her and her people and understood why this man had come so far to protect a way of life he did not understand.
He rose, and they walked together to the hut, where the flower was placed by the side of the enemy soldiers bed and the two men sat in silence while the village folk tended his wounds. Days went by and after much praying the man began to heal , and all the while the other soldier stood guard by the tent protecting him from harm until he could again stand on his own. An understanding and peace had come to the soldiers within the village, a message that had been spoken silently by the people that lived there, that here in this place there are no enemies. Here in this place there is only peace. The story spread, after the soldier was well enough to carry on his way he took his story to others, and by word of mouth the miracle of one little girl with a flower became the most popular tale in the land.
Many years had passed, and the wise old man with the gentle eyes had passed with them, the soldiers had long gone and her people they yet remained. She was not so young herself anymore she reflected as she strolled to the centre of the village where the celebrations and feast for harvest were about to begin. Here in this spot, she as elder of the village would now tell the tale again, a story of a small child with a flower who ended a war.
You see not so long after the soldier had left their village, the enemy troops had come and laid down their guns, offering a truce in honour of the man from the other side of the world who had guarded and protected one of their own. The ripples of that moment had spread out and touched the hearts of those who heard it and the movement for peace had begun with a new understanding... that peace cannot be bought or won by killing, only through caring and healing.
Odd she though now, as she took her place in front of her people to tell the tale; that until that day nobody had ever understood the power of one child with a flower and life altering potential in the act of laying down a gun.

Monday, February 21, 2011

HEAL THE WORLD... What does it all mean?

Think about the generations and to say we want to make it a better
world for our children and our children's children. So that they know
it's a better world for them; and think if they can make it a better

Every generation breeds a new wave of incredibly talented artists, musicians, and writers; all of them messengers, all of them bringing with them a piece of light from the heavens to place into our hands...
It is a light we call hope...
I am often stunned by the reactions of people to music, especially that which is written by artists who have a vision far beyond the modern day understandings of society. These revolutionary thinkers and feelers are attacked and ridiculed for their ideas, for their outspoken and often blatant cries of anguish with regards to the current state of our world. We look at not the content of the message but rather the packaging and we think ‘that person is too far out there to ever see Truth’...
Yet I ask you, how many lives have been saved? How many children have been fed, clothed, educated and offered freedom of choice due to the bravery of these artists?
I have been watching in awe in the last weeks as people around the world have stood together hand in hand in a fight for freedom. The freedom of the people had truly become the plight of the people as brothers and sisters not of blood but of spirit have stood together in a global showing of strength. Yes Egypt stood up and said NO MORE, yes they spoke out and yes they birthed a showing of strength unlike anything ever seen before and YES they did not do it ALONE...
Our advancements in technology have allowed us to stay with them, to follow them, to support them, to let them know that we stood behind them – even if distance prevented us from standing beside them... We prayed for their safety, we protested the assault on their freedom of communication and we celebrated their victory. Yet as our world changes, it is the reality of those changes that there are yet many struggles ahead not just aboard but for us here at home as well.
I have been reflecting much on the courage of those who stood for freedom and I wonder when the time comes will we stand as strong. Then I listen to songs like this and I realize that yes, we have and we will continue to do so as long as we stay true to our purpose and true to ourselves. To stand up for what is right may seem at times as if it is to stand alone yet I do not feel this anymore to be our reality. For generations our artists and musicians have taken the risk to say the things we might not dare to say, to voice the anger we have all felt at injustice and to be true to their nature as creators, to be true to their hearts and their message of hope.
I remember growing up, I spent a lot of time with musicians and the one thing that always amazed me was their ability to work together; regardless of their individual genre’s, their backgrounds or beliefs, when it came time to play, nothing mattered but the music. So I ask you what can we learn from them other than just the message in the song? Perhaps it is the unity with which they stand together to bring that message forward, perhaps it is the fearless sense of self worth and value of that which they have created that we can look to as an example of how to be the change we all wish to see in the world.
Let us not forget the valuable gifts we have been given through theirarts, through their music, through the sharing of the very core of who they are; let us not forget the love that has been offered to us by them through song...
Let us not forget, as the brave souls of Egypt have so boldly proven true to us all, the strength and power of that song of freedom when it is sung together.

There's a place in your heart and I know that it is love and this place could be much Brighter than tomorrow.
And if you really try you'll find there's no need to cry. In this place you'll feel there's no hurt or sorrow.
There are ways to get there if you care enough for the living make a little space, make a better place.
Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me. If you want to know why there's a love that cannot lie. Love is strong it only cares for joyful giving.
If we try we shall see in this bliss we cannot feel fear or dread. We stop existing and start living. Then it feels that always love's enough for us growing
Make a better world, make a better world.
Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying, if you care enough for the living make a better place for you and for me.
And the dream we would conceived in will reveal a joyful face and the world we once believed in
will shine again in grace. Then why do we keep strangling life wound this earth, crucify it's soul;
though it's plain to see, this world is heavenly. Be God's glow.
We could fly so high, let our spirits never die. In my heart I feel you are all my brothers.
Create a world with no fear, together we'll cry happy tears. See the nations turn their swords into plowshares. We could really get there if you cared enough for the living make a little space to make a better place.

Did you recognize it? I am willing to bet you are more than willing to accept the beauty in those words yet the singer of them was harassed, persecuted, condemned and ultimately killed because of ignorance and greed. Why is it we must lose that which is most precious in our world in order for us to truly appreciate its worth. Has the time not come for us to uphold and uplift each other, to encourage our unique individuality and to appreciate the beauty of the gifts that are brought to us through that unique and diversity.
Michael had a vision, as clearly as you can see the printed words of this blog he could SEE a better world and that vision carried him through long enough to bring forward a very strong message of love. How many other artists have we pushed aside because we were too busy being concerned with how they dress, where they live, how they spend their time (their time – not yours – not mine – theirs) --- How many other messages of hope have we ignored because we judged what we saw on the surface.
I am reminded often of late by those much wiser than I that it does not matter where in their life a person is, it is exactly where they need to be because from where they are they have something of worth and value to share with another. Regardless of whether or not we see the value, is it not enough now in these times simply to KNOW that it is there. As we move together into a new day I pray that we may do so with an attitude of appreciation for all those we share our world with, and a sense of unity that allows us to see the true beauty in ALL that is so that we may through the looking glass that is our own vision share that beauty with the world.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Teach Them Not to Fish But Rather to Love Fishing

I think the most powerfully inspiring thing about what I do as both an author and a script writer is having the opportunity to meet the people who are the true heart and soul of our worldwide movement for change.  Out there playing, working and co-creating are hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who have answered a calling to work in the field of empowering young hearts and minds so they may find within themselves the strength they need to be the change we wish to see in the world.  As old systems are examined by us and are being seen to not be working for the betterment of society as a whole, inspired souls around the world have taken on the seemingly daunting task of restructuring, rebuilding and reworking the systems that exist now into a worldwide network of systems that will work to further our development as a race of beings that have no need for division.
They work miracles, simply by acting on instinct and following their hearts, by sharing their dreams and empowering others to do the same.  Coming from a place of love not of ego, a place of ‘you know what you need to do’ not a place of ‘I know better than you’ they encourage action in others.  By living and being the dream they have dreamed for our collective future they pave the way for others who for the moment may not yet see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel.
I recently met such a man, to some he may seem still more close to a boy than a man; young and with no formal training in the field in which he has now entered he has faced the challenge of knowing that which in his heart he believes to be true and fighting for the right to take that truth out into the world and share it with others.  Quiet and unassuming he would seem for all the world to be a passive person whose contributions to our world through his work with youth may or may not have the potential to initiate great change.  Yet when you sit with this man and you truly see the value and the worth of the knowledge he has amassed through personal experience you also are made aware of the vast potential of the teachings he is now sharing with the youth of his country.  What I found to be truly remarkable about him is not perhaps that he has managed to build something incredible out of nothing but that he did so purely by focussing on the solution not on the problem.  He saw something that made him question the value of the education system within his country and acted on a perceived need by building an organization that does not war with or fight against the education system but rather enhances it, assists it and empowers the youth within it to see their own value and worth.  It took courage, drive and ambition but when asked he simply explains that he never believed he should be doing anything other than what he was being pulled to do. 
To tell you his story here would take far too long, so I invite you instead to check him out for yourself, so that you may explore and if possible find ways to support the work of this amazing individual.  I will tell you that it was an honour and a pleasure to meet him, and that through that meeting I was given a glimpse yet again into the vast potential of the human heart and mind when one listens to the inner voice that whispers to our spirit.  I would like to share a piece of wisdom that he imparted on me during our brief visit as it seems to me to be one of the most potent messages of our time.  While discussing the value of not just offering a man a fish but rather teaching him instead to fish my new friend ended the conversation with a very important twist to that very old adage.  He says it is not enough anymore to teach them how to fish, but rather to teach them to love the act of fishing...
He tells me that education should not be so much about the teacher as it should be about the student and I was reminded by his words how important it is for us all to encourage others to find a love of what they do, to allow them to seek out what it is about life that inspires them to sour and then allow them to follow that path.  Ever important this thing we call the education of our youth, yet in the process we must always remember that we have as much to learn from them as they have to learn from us.  When we allow them to explore their own potential, when we uplift them and allow them to find their wings, when we allow them through the act of following their own inner voice to fly free of the restrictions and restraints put onto them by society and our own expectations of them we allow for a new avenue of thinking.  Through that act of allowing we invite in a world filled with young minds with fresh ideas who through their freedom of expression and the courage to act on that expression will help us in ushering in a new age of light, love and peace.
His name is Arcie Mallari, and his organization can be found at the following link...
He told me shortly before he left that if he had one secret to share with others it would be that it is not in the art of believing in our dreams that our dreams are realized.  To live a dream he says is not about seeing the dream in your mind and heart as being a reality it is about acting and doing things as if the dream already is.  To make a thing be as you wish it to be he says you must be that thing...
Blessed I think the youth of today that wisdom such is destined to be their future and for those lucky enough to have met him, their now...
Jean Victoria Norloch

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hmmm Valentine’s Day...

What does it mean to me at 12:30 in the morning after yet another long day of multitasking.  I should be tired, I should be laying my head down to rest, I should be dreaming sweet dreams of the man I love; instead I am sitting here writing to you...
I think it has everything to do with the fact that you also are part of the world that I love, my friends, my readers, my global family and so at the beginning of a day in which we are meant to celebrate love I do what I do best, write about and to the people that I love.
The holiday we celebrate in modern times is nothing even close to the original meaning of the holiday but that is more than ok with me as it also represents the most precious aspect of the world I am so very much in love with, the fact that it is ever changing and expanding.
I am going to skip the history lesson, there is no point really as if you truly wish to discover the roots of this holiday then you have but to type it into to Google and get whatever information you seek.  Instead I am going to talk a little about how I see this holiday in the future...
I see a day when people will no longer need a day to celebrate love, as it will be celebrated through every action of every person on every day of every year.  I see a day when there will be no need for a special day to give attention to those in our lives who we cherish because we will show them through our every action and every deed in every minute of every day.  I see a day when we will be so connected that there will be no need for us to say words to show our love because our love will be felt and understood by all those we meet.  I see a day when the very air we breathe and the beating of our hearts will be our tribute and a testimony of our love for each other not just as couples or friends but as a race of individuals who live their lives in harmony with one another and our planet.  The true beauty of that day I see is that I also see it is not being very far away...
I see that day today, in the way that my friends and family uphold, stand behind, support, and uplift me.  I see that day today in the way that people on face book and within our various social networking sites uphold, stand behind, support, and uplift each other.  I see that day today in the mutually respectful relationships that we have built with each other, not only as friends and lovers but as strangers who share a common interest of spreading a message of love to our world.  
So I say to you that is Valentine’s day is meant to represent our love for one another then we should acknowledge that it did not start at midnight tonight, it started ages ago and if we are to truly honour all that it is meant to represent we should also accept that this day should never end...
My love to you all,
Jean Victoria Norloch

I AM being BOLD

It is very rare that I use Scripture to back up what I am trying to say, the messages I hear in my heart come like the soothing whispers of a mother comforting a frightened child in the night.  Yet today something inside me said ‘do this for me’ and so I again put my fingers to the key board to pound out my version of Truth...
I can’t expect that all who read it will appreciate it, nor will I expect that they might support it but I have no body to answer to in this life other than the spirit who resides inside and so with that spirit as my guide I bring to you yet another piece of me...
They say that someday Jesus will again walk the Earth; who am I to say if this is so?  I am not sure yet if I believe and so I wait... Yet if and when he comes, it will be on that day I that I will kneel at His feet and say to Him “how may I serve you Lord?” Until then... Every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD on this planet is CHRIST made man and so I kneel at their feet and I say to them “how may I serve you Lord?”
The following is how I see our society’s view of one of the most precious and well respected verses in the Bible... If it offends – so be it as the actions and words of others have many times offended me and I have not always stood up to call them task...
I will follow it up with MY understanding...

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want;

(unless of course I wear the robes of a priest in which case I think I will take 10%)

He makes me lie down in green pastures.
(Yet for some reason I feel the need to work 12hrs a day so I can afford to buy the adjustable bed with the memory foam pillow)

He leads me beside still waters;
(but my kitchen tap is Delta and my filter is Brita so I’m good to go – see attached ads... http://www.brita.com/products/ - http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/02/delta-touch-sensitive-faucet-review/)

He restores my soul.
(yup I heard I had one of those – what does it look like?)

He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

 (yet I continue to commit self-righteous acts also in His name)

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

(is that like when I can’t buy the car I want or get the new TV I want or....)

I fear no evil;

(define EVIL?)
for You are with me;

 (you are? Where? I can’t see you... are you hiding? What do YOU look like?)

Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

(unless of course I misbehave – then you can use them to beat me)

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

(cool we’re moving in – is it big this house of yours, does it have a pool – hey can I bring friends?)

Psalm 23

My Way...

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want;

(Everything I need has always been, is now and will always be there when I need it)

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

(where I can rest my head and heart that are wearied of the journey that is life)

He leads me beside still waters;

(see above)

He restores my soul.

(not really in question is it?)

He leads me in paths of righteousness
for His name's sake.

(and out of gratitude I will do my best to FOLLOW His example knowing full well I still have much to learn)

Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;

(evil is live spelled backwards – as long as I live my life true to the whispers of my heart I will find joy not sorrow – I will find life – not death)

for You are with me; (for you are a part of me)

Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

(as they are also mine and therefore hold me up and help me walk)

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life;
and I shall dwell in the house of the
Lord forever.

(it already does and I already do)

Psalm 23

So I say to you, the meek, the hungry, the poor, the downtrodden, the OUTCAST – now is the time to RISE ...
Do not play by their rules... play by the rules of your heart...
Do not play their game... make up your own...
Do not accept their reality... find others who think and feel as you do and co-create a new world of peace and love...
If you truly want to live in heaven realize and accept – HEAVEN is in the HEART...
You do not need to go to it, bring it instead to you...

All she needs is her compassion to care for those in need,
All she needs is understanding to bring comfort in times of loss,
All she needs is empathy to alleviate suffering and sorrow,
All she needs is wisdom to find a solution to any problem,
All she needs is passion to drive her forward,
To walk this earth all she needs are her feet,
To hear the cries of the needy all she needs are her ears,
To see what needs to be done all she needs are her eyes,
To tend the sick all she needs are her hands,
To hold up the weak all she needs are her arms,
To carry the weight of the world all she needs is her back,
To whisper words of hope all she needs are her lips,
Wings she does not need, not yet...
Not until her work is done as for the moment she has no need to fly away...


You are the saviour of YOUR world, is it not time you accepted it, for in that acceptance comes the power , the will and the purpose to LIVE it...

Moses asked God who shall I tell them I speak for?  What name should I give?
God answered Moses “Tell them I AM sends you...”

YOU are called .... YOU ...
As you are, right here, right now, you are perfect, you are exactly as you are meant to be, there is nothing more for you to do but be true to your heart and live that truth...
God made you as you are and God makes no mistakes...

If somebody says to you “I see God in you”, say to them “I see God in everybody, in everything”
If somebody says to you “you have helped me”, say to them “take what you have learned and help another”
If somebody says to you “who are you? What is your name?” say to them “I AM”

Jean Victoria Norloch

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Angel With Brown Feathers...

I was standing by my window, in my inner city apartment listening to Amazing Grace and contemplating the words.  It occurred to me how very precious every single moment in our life is and how beautiful our world can be when we open our eyes to the majesty and wonder that surrounds us.  I thought to myself how incredible the opportunity we have been offered in the living of any given experience to focus on that within the experience that brings light and love into our lives.  So wonderful this choice we have been given to decide our fate, to decide how our world will be simply through the act of choosing how we will perceive it.
I think back to not so long ago when I was lost in a world of pain and cannot bring myself to linger there long, only long enough to be grateful that today I can walk, today I can write, today I can share my version of the beauty that is the world in which we live.
When you reflect on the lyrics of Amazing Grace from a place of having been healed by that Grace you come to understand how deeply we are loved by our Creator and how vastly immense is our potential as a race to truly take flight on the wings of hope and love.
As I was staring out the window thinking about all the things that I have been blessed enough to learn, thinking about all the people I have been blessed enough to know, and thinking about the fact that I have truly discovered the power of being grateful for those things a magical vision appeared out of the sky.
Majestic, wings spread she alighted on a nearby balcony, completely out of place with her surroundings, standing out against the washed out dirty walls and windows ;  she reminded me that in every moment there is also a message if we but have the ears to hear.  I have never seen a falcon so large and so graceful in the city before, rare enough to have them grace you with their presence in the wild but to have her come to me here, and now in this place and time I knew there had to be a reason.
This was a perfect serene moment of peace, and as the music played I could not hold back the tears in my eyes at the Amazing Grace I had just been blessed with.
She stood there, staring at me as soft white snowflakes fell around her, and the children playing beneath never noticed, yet there across the way stood three strangers with whom I have never spoken.  In that moment while we watched in awe as she again took flight we were in a state of connection, mutually appreciating the wonder and magic of the moment.
In Native American lore, animals have ever been our guides; bring to us different messages in time of need. I looked up Falcon to find the missing element, and this is what I read...
 Falcon- Soul Healing, Accompanying the Soul Back to the Soul World, Teaching Swiftness, Controlling Speed and Movement, Understanding Magick, Astral Travelling, Healing Teaching Swiftness, Controlling Speed and Movement, Understanding Magick, Astral Travelling, Healing
Given my current appreciation for the state of unwellness that has allowed my yet again to have the time and the freedom to write it seemed to me that this bird, this angel on the wing was there to confirm for me all that I had learned in the last few weeks.
It makes sense to me now that in our life we bring ourselves challenges, it makes sense to me now that in our life we are at times seemingly surrounded by darkness for therein lies the contrast and much like her dark feathers standing out against the drab unnatural setting those moments of light when offered to us, even if they are small and seemingly insignificant shine for a brief moment brighter than any sun.
Jean Victoria Norloch

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Question of ‘Spiritual Authority’

I won’t even try to hide the fact that the very idea of anybody being in a position of spiritual authority over another brings to me a feeling of great unease.  In fact I am only writing now because the term was used recently by a friend and it really took me aback when I sat down to take a quiet moment to contemplate the implications of that two word phrase.  It scares me at times to think how loosely we toss around words especially in today’s times when we seem to be on a global scale much more concerned with the thoughts and feelings that a word implies.  I was mulling it over while pouring my morning coffee and it occurred to me how often we misuse or misinterpret the words we use. 
For instance, it is often said by coffee drinkers that they need their morning coffee to wake up, but given the very real truth that if they are indeed in the process of either making or drinking the coffee then they are also already awake.  Having that morning coffee then does not in effect wake you up, nor does it help you wake up as the process of waking is quite natural to the human body and with or without that coffee it is a fact that you will still wake up and be as alert as you need to be to get on with your day.  I would say then that the real truth of it would be that the coffee is merely there to make the process of waking up seem more pleasurable and pleasant and that the coffee really is not so much needed as it is desired by us to be a part of our morning routine.  So do I say I need the coffee to help me wake up – no I say I want the coffee to make the make waking up more fun.
Such is the way of words today, and the more I write to more I realize how very important it is to understand the meaning of the words I use, so that thought and feeling are not misconstrued by others who may read my work.  As it happens I am challenged often of late on things I have written and have learned that I take great pleasure in those who would call me to task for things that I have said.  If only in that it makes me reflect on the effect that my words may have on others and encourages me to be more diligent with regards to clarify the meaning behind my words.
So while I was enjoying my morning coffee I took the time to look up the meaning of both spiritual and authority...
And came to the conclusion that nobody – absolutely nobody should ever be said to have spiritual authority over anybody but themselves...
First let’s go over the definitions... (taken from Merriam Webster on-line (smiles) any spelling mistakes there are theirs and I left them in just for the fun of it)
Definition of AUTHORITY
1 a (1) : a citation (as from a book or file) used in defense or support (2) : the source from which the citation is drawn b (1) : a conclusive statement or set of statements (as an official decision of a court) (2) : a decision taken as a precedent (3) : testimony c : an individual cited or appealed to as an expert
2 a : power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior b : freedom granted by one in authority : right
3 a : persons in command; specifically : government b : a governmental agency or corporation to administer a revenue-producing public enterprise <the transit authority>
4 a : grounds, warrant <had excellent authority for believing the claim> b : convincing force <lent authority to the performance>
Definition of SPIRITUAL
1 :of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit : incorporeal <spiritual needs>
2 a : of or relating to sacred matters <spiritual songs> b : ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal <spiritual authority> <lords spiritual>
3 : concerned with religious values
4 : related or joined in spirit <our spiritual home> <his spiritual heir>
5 a : of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomena b : of, relating to, or involving spiritualism : spiritualistic
The definitions seem to me to be pretty straight forward and as it is pretty much agreed that when discussing spirituality we are in fact discussing each individual’s deep and personal connection to the spirit it is confusing to me how in any way the word authority can be applied with regards to any other person’s connection. 
It is in my heart that somebody who is truly in tune with and in communication with spirit cannot be affected by outside influences with regards to that connection, they cannot be controlled, cannot have that connection invaded or altered, nobody else can command that connection nor can anybody else’s experience or observation interfere with that connection.  Regardless of how much I know or think I understand about my own personal journey and connection it does not mean that my knowledge pertains to the connection of another as I am not involved directly with that connection I cannot possibly be an expert on it in any way.  The other person however can most certainly be an expert on their own connection but at the same time cannot be an expert on mine. We can use our own experiences to back up our explanations of our own connection to spirit but those same experiences may not apply to somebody else’s connection as their experiences and understanding may be entirely different than ours. 
Now this is not to say that there is no value in the sharing of experience.  I often ask advice and guidance of others and have much respect for the wisdoms and teachings of those who have found themselves to be in place of true communion with the spirit within.  I value opinions, and I am open at all times to suggestions made based on personal growth and expansion.  The ultimate decision however to disregard or to honour those observations made by others through their experience lies in my hands, in my own heart and it is with that understanding that I can definitively say that no man, woman or child  may have spiritual authority over me.
I am hoping that this elicits discussion, I am hoping that this encourages debate and I am hoping that through the sharing of our thoughts and feelings about this particular subject we can further our collective understanding of it.  I am also hoping however that one very important factor is considered and weighed during that discussion.
When considering the phrase spiritual authority consider that the only one who has authority over you spiritually is your spirit and as that spirit is a HUGE part of who you are, as that spirit IS who you are then the only person who has spiritual authority over YOU is YOU....
Jean Victoria Norloch