Friday, June 24, 2011

Coffee With Source... Where's the Beef

If absolutely feel you must hate on me for this one please feel free to do so – but I do ask that you please listen to the whole thing... Rick and I made a promise to each other when we decided to do this podcast; to be true to ourselves and honour all our own personal fears, some are from the past some are from the present and you never know when listening to these shows which one will come up. I make no apologies for the emotions I have felt in the past, for emotions I may feel in the future and certainly not for the emotions I feel in the now. That being said I do feel that many of our own struggles to understand these fears and insecurities may help to bring them to the surface for others so they may be examined and dealt with as needed – it is my view that we are all in this together and hiding ourselves from each other does not help to further our bond as a unified body of light beings. So whether you hate me for this or not I will not hide from you who I have been, where I have been, or what I have felt because that would be the complete opposite of me standing on MY TRUTH – and that is something I refuse to compromise for you or anybody else. I love you all – many of you have been my light and my life for almost three years and regardless of how this particular recording makes you feel about me my love and appreciation for you will never fade...
Jean Victoria Norloch

hit the green play button and hate away :)

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