Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Blook


I said “hey sis, whatcha do’n?” and she said “writing – what you doing?”
I said “writing... whatcha writ’n bout?”
She said “saving the world”
I said “cool – ya wanna save the world together?”
She said “I thought that’s what we were doing...”
I said “hey big bro, whatcha do’n?” and he said “teaching of course – what have you been doing?”
I said “teaching...whatcha teach’n bout?”
He said “teaching the world it can save itself”
I said “cool – ya wanna teach the world together?”
He said “I was under the impression that that is exactly what we have been doing...”
I said “hey family, wathca do’n?” and they said “healing – what’re you doing?”
I said “cool who are you healing?”
They said “healing ourselves so we can help heal the world”
I said “that’s cool, wanna heal the world together”
They said “We already did....”
We said “Hey world, watcha do’n”
They said “fight’n for FREEDOM – wat r’ you do’n?”
We said “Try’n to tell you not to FIGHT for it – FREEDOM is already YOURS”

Ok so it didn’t go down quite that way, but it is a pretty good representation of the heart and soul behind the conversations that led to the creation of our Blook.
The idea was simple; create a book of inspiring and information packed blogs with the proceeds going to charity. People love blogs and it occurred to me that if we could get enough contributors we could cover a multitude of topics and have those topics explored by a wide variety of perspectives and as a result could open up the doorway for mutual growth and understanding. All I needed was the writers...
Thankfully I am blessed to share my life with some incredibly talented individuals who also happen to have some very big and loving hearts. Authors, Wholitsic healers and shamanistic practitioners jumped at the idea of both spreading a message of love and unity while helping those in need. When approached with the idea their response was an all round enthusiastic “Absolutely – we’re in...”
There really isn’t much more to tell you, for everything you need to know about us and what we do can be found within the following collection of thought and feeling...
We also tossed in some info on the two organizations that we are hoping to support through our work so you pretty much have everything you need to get started...
No not much more to say at all except on behalf of myself and my family...

To learn more about the oraganizations that the proceeds from the sale of The Blook will be going to ... follow the links below...

Shepherd Of The Hills Childrens Foundation

Gaia Centre

To connect with the contributing authors and artists you can again follow the links to their personal websites...

Lucien Clausse

Nancy Gosse

Jacob Israel

Brian Kannard

Rev. Dr. Carol Kilby

Sonja Myriel

Cher Lyn

Rick O'Shields

Rev. Korey Tuttle

If you would like to take a dive in between the covers and see what awaits you - you can check out the content below...

The Blook Excerpts


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