Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crashing Back To Earth...

Niki Leach, writing as Jean Victoria Norloch opens up her heart to her readers and allows them a rare glimpse into the tortured soul of those suffering from chronic pain and depression. As she journeys through her own personal trials and tribulations on the road to wellbeing she carries the reader along on an eye opening adventure into the deepest parts of self. Begun as a way to uplift and inspire others, Crashing Back to Earth soon became her own personal healing tool as her body waged war with her Spirit and she for a time lay in bed unable to move. Paralyzed by emotional and physical pain, she sought a way to break free from her self-made prison, in the end reaching out to the one true friend that has been with her from the beginning, her trusted pen.
After a month long period of revelations and self discoveries, set back’s and leaps of faith she discovered within herself the power to not only heal her soul but to heal her body. Through her deep connection to Spirit and with a little help from her friends she not only managed to get back on her feet but to find her wings as well and take flight into a new life full of laughter and light.
Within these pages you will read her most straight forward and honest work to date, completely unveiled and hiding nothing she shares with her readers a vision of an incredible world full of empowered individuals who no longer need others to help them move forward.
As for Niki (Jean) she is walking, running and enjoying all of the things she did before with the addition of a new found appreciation for her own value and worth as an author and a friend. Follow her journey from pleasure to sorrow, from sorrow to pain, from pain to despair, from despair to hope, from hope to faith and finally from faith to knowing... As she says, it is in the knowing that all things are possible, the knowing that all things are well, that the world will discover its ability to create wonders far beyond the limits of our current understanding.

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