Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EVERY DAY CONNECTION With Special Guest Momma Webb

Ah, the sweet sound of peaceful harmony with all things, it is so very similar to the soothing tones of tonight’s guest Momma Webb Cat. It was such a wonderful opportunity, to be able to share wisdom and experience with a kindred soul. As usual it would be unfair to give away the details but I will tempt you with a invite to anybody and everybody who has ever felt as if they don’t fit in, don’t belong, don’t feel comfortable living by the rules or up to the expectations of others; this just might be the show for you. Of course we did not stop there and with such an amazing collage of topics to choose from this show might have more than a few of your “Hmmmm?” moments covered. So hit the magic green button and join us for another hour of connected exploration of self...

If we did happen to miss something, or a few somethings and you would like to find Momma Webb you can find her at her website at www.mommawebb.com , you can seek her out via Skype at MommaWebb.com. As always much love from Rick and I - see you all next week xoxo

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