Thursday, August 4, 2011

EVERY DAY CONNECTION - With Special Guest China Brooks

China BrooksHow do you find the balance between who the world wants you to be and who you know you are in your heart? For China Brooks it is all about finding out first who you are then finding the courage to run with it. Life is about the contrast she explained on tonight’s show, the contrast within and the contrast we see in the world. What is amazing about this young woman is not just her own personal experiences or the journey she has taken thus far but rather what she has done with the knowledge and her excitement about continuing the journey. She has learned a few tricks over the years, some of which she was kind enough to share with us for keeping her grounded and in close contact with the world in which she lives while exploring further the potential of her connection to spirit. It can be difficult in a world that seems at times based on image and materialistic values to stay true to yourself and if you are struggling with this particular issue tonight’s show might just be the show for you. So join us by hitting the magic play button and wander through life a while with China.

To learn more about China Brooks you can find her at her website:

Everyday Connection

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