Sunday, April 6, 2014

Forget Fibro - Find Fantastic

Welcome to the first two of our latest Everyday Connection series of video’s on my personal healing journey.  Over the last few years, I have struggled with severe fibromyalgia symptoms, which have at times, been so destructive to my quality of life that I have quite literally been on my knees begging God to let me die.  Fortunately, my prayers were answered not with a quick and painless death, but with some interesting synchronistic answers to questions about my health that I had not even thought to ask.
Throughout the journey back the complete health and wellbeing there have been as many steps back as there have been forward, but with the assistance of gentle hands and gentle hearts, I have managed to reverse the effects of that dreaded disease ‘Fibromyalgia’.  I was at one time completely convinced, like many others out there that is, as of yet no cure; over time, my perceptions have shifted and I have come to understand that my fibro was not a curse but rather a request from my body to provide it with what it needs to have a long, healthy and ultimately joy filled life. 
These videos are a sharing of that journey to wellness, and as with the book that came before them, they are simply an invitation for YOU to find your own path back to loving living. 

You can also pick up the RAW edition of the book, 'Crashing Back to Earth', my documented journey back to Health by going to the following link...

Crashing Back to Earth

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